KDDD News 5-17-21

A Dumas man has been arrested for several serious charges including: credit card fraud, and diesel theft. The Moore County News Press reports that Yasmani Morales of Dumas, was arrested and jailed in Moore County. His arrest is part of a larger investigation, with the Moore County Sherrifs Department and DPS, involving larger cities including Houston, Portland and Miami Florida. Morales was the leader locally of a crime cell involving multiple states. He faces up to 20 years in prison.


Utley Park in Dumas, has become a place where adults and teenagers, after heavy rains, run thier cars in the mud. This past week, it caused a serious accident that sent two people to the hospital. The Moore County News Press and the Dumas Police Department reported that one of the two injured was ejected from the vehicle. Both we’re taken to MCHD, treated and released. Police remind residents that Utley is a city park, with rules and laws involving what can be done there.


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the state’s top two legislative leaders committed Wednesday to sending $11.2 billion in federal stimulus money to schools, a victory for education advocates clamoring for the funds.
With the announcement, Texas public schools will start gaining access in the coming months to billions of dollars largely aimed at helping students struggling amid the pandemic.

Dumas ISD recieved $651,415 in round one, $2,801,085 in round two and $6,302,440 in round three.
SUNRAY ISD is recieving $54,979 in round one, $236,410 round two and $531,920 in round three.