KDDD News 5-31-21 Memorial Day

If your a retired former Moore County employee your healthcare benefits premiums of $500 or more, paid by the county, will continue for now, as county commissioners tabled stopping the payments last week, according to the Moore County News Press. The county is focused on saving money, and the retired premium benefits have been called generous.


Over the holiday weekend the Dumas and Sunray Fire Departments conducted training at the Dumas Fire Training Center. Dumas FD instructors are teaching Sunray Firefighters Firefighting Skills specifically Hose Lays, Vertical Ventilation, and Live Fire Structure Burns

If your interested in being a volunteer firefighter please contact us, you can reach us on Facebook or or website www.dumastx.gov and go to the fire department page.


Congratulations to the Dumas High School class of 2021, who had a normal graduation Friday night, following last years cancellation due to Covid 19. The complete ceremony was held at Dumas Demon Stadium.