KDDD News 6-23-21 Dumas man dies in accident

A Dumas man is dead, and another in jail, following a crash that rolled a pickup truck driven by Christopher Alvidrez. The truck ended up on its side, against a building housing Shiny Nails, on North Dumas Avenue.

The truck came across N. Dumas Avenue, then hit equipment at the Family Farm Store, and then began its roll, ejecting a passenger in the truck, in the process. The man died as a result.

Alvidrez was taken to MCHD, released, and arrested. He is charged with intoxicated manslaughter. Dumas Police told the Moore County News Press, that alcohol and speed of the vehicle, contributed to the crash.


Moore County’s population is currently 21,801 people. 14,000 residents have gotten at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, totaling 13,953 people, or 64% of the county population as of yesterday.


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