KDDD News 6-8-21

Cyberattacks are a real threat for any business and JBS, the meat processing giant based in Cactus, just dealt with a major hack. The hack brought production to a screeching halt, sent buyers scrambling, and could result in potential meat shortages as JBS does damage control.

There is at least one JBS employee who says the price for the ransomware attack was paid for by the paychecks of plant workers, with no clear promise of when or how they will receive their unpaid wages.
By June 3rd, JBS stated that they had fully resumed operations.

Nowhere in an issued JBS press release is the issue of the cyberattack ransom addressed–specifically, whether or not it was paid. This conspicuous lack of clarification becomes more problematic when you consider the reports of unpaid wages from JBS workers


Dogie Days preparations are going fast and furious as the event starts tomorrow night in Dumas. One of the must do projects is tonight at 6 pm as the large fire pits are filled with wood, in anticipation of cooking all the meet for the BBQ on Thursday. The midway opens tomorrow night at 6.


The Dumas Demons 7 on 7 team hosted it’s first ever state qualifying tournament, this past Saturday. Even better news, they won the tournament going 4 and oh. They advance now to the state 7 on 7 championship. This is only the second time in school history that the Demons move on to the championship game.