KDDD News 7-21-21

Rural hospitals in the Panhandle are receiving funds through the Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program to get more COVID-19 testing and support in prevention strategies.

The Health Resources and Services Administration gave over 29 million dollars to be distributed by the State Office of Rural Health Care to 115 rural hospitals in Texas.

Their goal is to close the equity gap in services that small hospitals are able to provide against COVID-19.
There are over 10 hospitals in the Panhandle region receiving these funds, and they can get up to $250,000.


For the second year, Toot’n Totum announced it has joined with Kids Inc. in supporting the ‘Small Change, Big Impact’ campaign.

Spare change will be collected through all Toot’n Totum stores July 14 through Sept. 13. The change, said the company, will go directly to Kids Inc., described as serving around 15,000 kids per year in the High Plains.

Kids Inc., as described by Toot’n Totum, works to provide “quality, year-round sporting activities, while ensuring that every child who desires to participate has the opportunity to do just that.”


As the pandemic recovery continues, the Lone Star State’s economy grows right along with it. Since the start of the year, over 267,000 jobs have been added, and Amarillo is emerging as a key player in padding that number.

Some businesses shut their doors because of the pandemic and it also left people without jobs. Fortunately, with more projects looking at Amarillo, hopes for added jobs are on the rise.

Amazon expects to begin hiring for its facility by the end of this year.