KDDD News 8-1-21

Downtown Dumas events have been successful, and a returning one goes before the Dumas City Commission meeting Tuesday. The mayor and commissioners will consider approval for Dumas/Moore County Chamber of Commerce’s Ears & Beers Festival. This will include closing of the 100 block of East 7th Street from Dumas Avenue, to Bliss, and the west half of the alley north of the 100 block of East 7th, north of the Toppled Turtle.


Local health officials are concerned about the highly transmissible delta variant and how it’s spreading, especially as CDC data show much of the Panhandle as an area of high covid-19 transmission and vaccination rates remain low.


The National Park Service at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area is still searching for a boat that sank nearly two weeks ago in the middle of the lake during a storm.

Weather conditions on the lake change quickly from calm to stormy in minutes. Anyone attempting to cross the lake is asked to shelter in place during a storm and ride it out.

The close call is a reminder of just how risky it is for boats to be on when winds pick up to more than 30 miles per hour